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Should you desire to make contribution to support the programs/scholarships of Project GRAD Akron, please contact Project GRAD Akron at 330-761-3113, email or donate online.

Since 2006, Project GRAD Akron provides a $4,000 (payable $500 per semester) college scholarship to each Buchtel graduating senior who successfully fulfills the rigorous requirements of the Project GRAD Akron Learning Contract.

Additionally, Buchtel and East CLC students are eligible for scholarships from Project GRAD Akron.

Total All Classes

537 Scholars


Class of 2020

14 Scholars


Class of 2019

42 Scholars


Class of 2018

33 Scholars


Class of 2017

23 Scholars


Class of 2016

20 Scholars


Class of 2015

23 Scholars


Class of 2014

26 Scholars


Class of 2013

24 Scholars


Class of 2012

36 Scholars


Class of 2011

56 Scholars


Class of 2010

56 Scholars


Class of 2009

41 Scholars


Class of 2008

32 Scholars


Class of 2007

34 Scholars


Class of 2006

41 Scholars


Project GRAD Akron
Additional Scholarships


Roger and Judy Read Scholarship

In 2005, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Read established an endowed scholarship at the University of Akron in excess of $32,000, plus interest, to benefit the Project GRAD Akron Scholarship fund.


Leon Harris Book Scholarships

The Leon Harris Book Scholarship was established in 2008. Mr. Harris, a Buchtel graduate, was the keynote speaker for the First Achieving Dreams Celebration Gala. He donated $10,000 to fund the Project GRAD Akron Leon Harris Book Scholarships for Buchtel students. Over the years, additional contributions have been made to this scholarship. 


Ann Lane Gates Scholarship Fund

In 2009, Mrs. Gates, a retired administrator with the Akron Public Schools and a dedicated community leader, established a $1,000 renewable scholarship to benefit selected Project GRAD students who pursue a degree in education. The scholarship fund is located at the Akron Community Foundation.


Atha & Muriel Walker Scholarship

The Atha & Muriel Walker Scholarship was established independently in 1997 for the benefit of Buchtel graduating seniors. In 2011, the family began awarding scholarships through Project GRAD Akron for Buchtel High School seniors. For decades, the late Mr. and Mrs. Walker were local leaders who were active in many community projects. Mr. Walker made a mission of helping raise funds for Buchtel projects through his association with the service group Frontiers International. He also assisted high school and college students with job placement. The Walkers’ five children are all graduates of Buchtel High School and they have all earned college degrees.


The India Ola Douglas Memorial Book Scholarship

India Ola Douglas was a 2013 graduate of Buchtel CLC (High School) in Akron Public Schools. Active in school, she was a member of Project GRAD Akron. India was committed to pursuing her post-secondary education and she took classes at The University of Akron and Regency
Beauty School. A hard worker, she was employed by JC Penney and as a consultant for Avon. Her ultimate goal was the pursue a career in fashion design. On May 6, 2015, India had just left home to attend classes. At 8:30am, while sitting in her car a red light, she and other cars were struck by a driver going twice the speed limit. On May 11, India tragically died as a result of injuries she sustained. The driver was later convicted of multiple offenses and sentenced to prison.

The India Ola Douglas Memorial Book Scholarship was established in 2016 by India’s family and friends. The scholarship was the brainchild of India’s brother, Donte Douglas, a 2008 Project GRAD Akron Scholar, 2008 Buchtel graduate, and a 2013 graduate of Muskingum College. He wants other students to “chase their dreams” as his sister was doing.


The Ken Walker Book Scholarship

The Ken Walker Book Scholarship benefits a Buchtel alumnus pursuing a degree at the University of Akron. Ken Walker (1951-2019) graduated from Buchtel (Class of 1969) and earned his B.A. from the University of Akron (Class of 1973). He built his life in Akron, marrying (Gwen) and raising a family, all the while remaining active in the community and nurturing strong friendships. He was athletic and particularly enjoyed playing basketball and executing his perfectly arched, nothing-but-net fade-away jump shot. He served as a long-time member of several civic boards. Intellectually curious, Ken was an avid reader with a keen interest in political and social justice issues, Old English literature, and sports biographies.


Project GRAD Akron Carolyn Stokes Reed Memorial Scholarship

Carolyn S. Reed was employed by the Akron Board of Education for 30 years, as a teacher at Robinson Elementary and principal of Rankin and Glover Elementary Schools. Mrs. Reed was the first African American to be elected president of the Ohio Association of Elementary School Principals and was a president of the Akron Elementary School Principals Association. Carolyn Stokes Reed knew she wanted to be a teacher since she was in the Second Grade. As a principal, at the start of every school day for 16 years, Carolyn Reed would say, “This is the most important day of your life. Do your very best. Follow the directions of your teacher the first time they’re given.”

Mrs. Reed believed that whatever path you decide to follow, you make sure you do your best and be the best you can be. She believed if you had your education, you could write your own ticket in life. She was very involved in other numerous civic activities and achieved many honors. She is still remembered as a motivator, a lover of people, and a lover of children.

Kent State University

Since 2006, Kent State University has annually provided ten (10) matching $4,000 scholarships to the first ten (10) Project GRAD Akron Scholars who are enrolled at Kent State University

The University of Akron

The University of Akron provides specific scholarships to Project GRAD Akron's students who are enrolled in The University of Akron.

Saint Paul AME Church

Since 2006, St. Paul has sponsored one Project GRAD Akron student from Buchtel High School with a $1,000 renewable scholarship.