Educational, Engaging, Exhilarating...

"E" Says it All for Project GRAD Akron!

The past two months have been extremely busy at Project GRAD Akron! Our staff and team members finished out the school-year activities; attended promotion and graduation ceremonies; prepared summer experiences for students; and just recently completed a three-week Summer Entrepreneurship Adventures for rising 8th and 9th graders, just to name a few of the activities! We are preparing for additional summer programs, including our Bridge to Kindergarten program, beginning in July. 

The letter "E" Says it All! The programs have been educational, engaging, exhilarating, exciting, and extraordinary! I will add another "E" which is exhausting, but in an enjoyable way!  


Project GRAD Akron Expands Our Reach

April has been another productive month for Project GRAD Akron. We have been busy with programs for students, held a very successful 8th annual March GRADness fundraiser, and more! Please read our latest newsletter, which features PGA Scholar Mikailah Ramsey, and PGA staff member, Matthew Futch!

Positioning PGA Students for Success!

Powerful Interactions = Positive Results!

In this edition of our e-newsletter, you will see how Powerful Interactions = Positive Results! Thank you to PGA Scholar, Brandon, and PGA Staff member, Tiara, for sharing your stories! Click here to read:

Setting the Stage for Success!

Strategic Programs + Strong Supporters = Student Success!

You often hear us recite our motto that "Graduation Really Achieves Dreams." At Project GRAD Akron, we begin our work with the end in mind. Student success requires strategic programs and strong supporters (board, staff, volunteers, donors, parents/guardians, community stakeholders, believers, and of course, students)! At every phase, we are always setting the stage for success!

Please enjoy our most recent newsletter including an interview with PGA Scholar, London Green, and PGA Board President, Marty Belsky.

The Pathways to Success!

February - Love of Our Students

The relationships we have established with the students and families includes talking and hearing what their concerns are and jointly trying to figure out solutions. Sometimes it takes additional resources; sometimes it takes making a referral; sometimes it takes being a listening ear; sometimes it takes leveraging connections; and all of the time, it takes a lot of prayer! Whatever your role in the relationships we are building, we thank you!

In this edition of our newsletter, we interview PGA scholar, Cordelle Harris, and Staff Member, Dr. Naomi White.

Thank You to our Scholarship Fund donors

Discover the Impact of Your Donations

Today's thankful is dedicated to the donors to our Scholarship Fund. Since 2006, Project GRAD Akron has been blessed with the opportunity to support our college students from the Akron Public Schools with scholarship payments! Without your scholarship contributions, we would not be able to assist the students with the much-needed scholarship payments.  Whatever the amount and no matter the frequency, it makes a difference!

Our latest newsletters features interviews with PGA Scholar, Mariah Muhammad, and Staff Member, Laurie Curfman.

Help Us Spread the Joy

A New Year at Project GRAD Akron

In this new year, it is our intention to share more about the work that we are doing, the services we are providing, and provide you with a closer look at some of our students, alumni, volunteers, staff, and supporters!

In each edition of our newsletter this year, you will see different examples of why we are "thankful" at Project GRAD Akron and how you are assisting us as we make positive and impactful differences in the lives of the people we serve!

In this month's newsletter, we highlight Board Member Pamela R. Valentine.