Board of Directors


Martin H. Belsky, Esq.

Position on Board

Immediate Past President

Began Serving on Project GRAD Akron Board:


Favorite quote:

Education is the key to breaking out of poverty and hopelessness. I take my history and background as examples.

Favorite thing about Project GRAD Akron:

I enjoy the work that Project GRAD does to help students – from elementary to pre-college. I also enjoy the people in Project GRAD – the Board, the staff, the volunteers. Finally, I enjoy the special events.

A little about Martin:

I was born in Philadelphia in a diverse neighborhood. We were all seeking a better life through education, work, and friendships. From the time I was 10, I wanted to be a lawyer (if I couldn’t be President). My career has been with two short periods – in public service or community work. That has also been true of my non-vocational activities. My passion is service and people. My hope is to leave the world a little bit better. My hobbies are reading and writing science fiction, watching junk T.V., watching my children and grandchildren, and looking for and using puns.