Board of Directors


Dana K. LaGarde

Position on Board

Member of Executive Committee
Member of Fund Development Committee
Co-Chairperson of Achieving Dreams Celebration Gala
Previous Nominating Committee Chair, Board Secretary, Vice President, and President

Began Serving on Project GRAD Akron Board:


Favorite quote:

Project GRAD is more than a Scholarship.

Favorite thing about Project GRAD Akron:

My favorite things are the viewing/participating in the hands-on service projects, like the Breakfast and Educational Fun with Santa and the graduation from the Bridge to Kindergarten. I also enjoy listening to the High School graduates tell their stories about how Project GRAD has helped them in High School and throughout their college experience.

A little about Dana:

I am from Akron, Ohio, born and raised, educated in the Akron Public School System, and the daughter of an Akron Public School Educator/Principal and devoted to Community Service.  I had an excellent example of the joy of seeing students' success in the students' eyes and my mother as an educator.

My initial course study was Elementary Education. However, as I continued through college, my course study changed to Business-related courses once I started working full time and attending college part-time.

My passion is young people. I satisfy my passion through my community volunteerism. I do what I can to see the students are educated with excellence. I currently volunteer with students in the Public and Private School Systems of Akron, Ohio. I spend a large part of my free time in Community Service, so there is not much time for hobbies, but I love crafts, photography, and spending time with my family when I can.