Sixth Annual Achieving Dreams Celebration 

June 13, 2012

“Project GRAD Akron Seeking Nominations for Buchtel Alumni Awards”

Project GRAD Akron will host its Sixth Achieving Dreams Celebration on Thursday, November 1, 2012.  The event will be held at St. George’s Fellowship Center, 3204 Ridgewood Road, Akron, Ohio  44333.  At the event, the organization will award selected alumni of Buchtel High School with the following awards:  Young Alumni, Distinguished Service to Humanity, Lifetime Achievement, and Buchtel Memorial Award.  The purpose of the awards is to recognize graduates of Buchtel High School, whose achievements, strength of character, and citizenship serve as a model to inspire and challenge today’s youth.  Nomination forms are available by contacting Project GRAD Akron at 330-761-3113 or via email at  The nomination deadline is June 29, 2012.

The Young Alumni Award is designed to recognize graduates of Buchtel High School who have:  shown substantial indication of a commitment to the service of others; demonstrated the potential for leadership/ distinction in the long term; and strived to establish themselves in their chosen field.  A young alumnus is defined as someone who is under 40 years of age as of October 1 of each year.

The Distinguished Service To Humanity Award recognizes the graduate who is or has made a notable contribution to the betterment of humanity and is engaged in perpetuating or advancing knowledge.  This person’s efforts should demonstrate positive influences in areas that promote volunteerism, community service, philanthropy, teaching, research, social service, ministry or world understanding.  This award is given in recognition of one who is making a difference in the lives of a few or one who is tackling a problem that has far-reaching results for all humanity without regard to financial reward.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is intended for the more mature graduate and honors an individual who has notable accomplishments in his/her professional field, has been of service to others, and, in doing so, has brought recognition and honor to Buchtel High School.  This well-accomplished graduate should also have a deep involvement in their community or charitable special interests.  Candidates for this award should have graduated 30 or more years ago using the most recent graduation year as the starting point.  

The Buchtel Alumni Memorial Award is intended to recognize a deceased graduate who made a notable contribution to the betterment of humanity (see Distinguished Service to Humanity award category) or whose accomplishments in his/her professional field, has been of service to others, and, in doing so, has brought recognition and honor to Buchtel High School (see Lifetime Achievement award category). 

Project GRAD Akron’s mission is to increase the high school and graduation rates of the students of the more than 2,000 students in the Buchtel Cluster of the Akron Public Schools.  The event’s chairpersons are Iris Harvey of Kent State University and Bernett Williams of Akron Children’s Hospital.  The dinner program will feature a Silent Auction and an Awards Program. The Executive Director of Project GRAD Akron is Jacqueline Silas-Butler


“It is a pleasure working with Project GRAD Akron and AT&T is committed to Project GRAD’s mission. Your mission coincides with the philanthropic goals of the AT&T Foundation. We, too, want to increase the graduation rates of *****

Margaret Williams
Director of External Affairs, AT&T

“All the kids that I’ve run into at Buchtel High School that are a part of Project GRAD Akron have been really sharp.”

Dr. Rich Londraville
Associate Professor of Biology, UA

“I think we should put Project GRAD in more schools.”


“I think the community views it as a good thing because my mom made me come to Buchtel basically because of Project GRAD.”


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