Welcome to Kids2College

Created with the support of The Sallie Mae Fund, Kids2College is a user-friendly college awareness curriculum designed to make sixth-grade students more aware of how education impacts their future life choices.  Students will have the opportunity to:

♦ learn more about college;

♦ explore careers;

♦ make the connection between college and job opportunities; and

♦ begin planning for their future.

Through their activities, documented in their My Path to Success Student Handbook, they'll learn how they can prepare for college in middle and high school, and the positive impact college can have on their future.  Students will have the opportunity to learn more themselves, their learning styles, and how their interests and skills can be transformed into a promising and fulfilling future.

Kids2College is unique in its focus on developing partnerships between schools and higher education institutions.  Students will have the opportunity to meet with college students, faculty, and staff through lessons taught by higher education partners and a visit to a college campus.  The in-class activities paired with the chance to experience college life firsthand will help students be aware of the path that will give them the greatest range of options for education beyond high school and see postsecondary education as a real possibility for their own future.

The Kids2College curriculum includes everything an education professional needs to present the program.  Spread over six lessons, the curriculum covers:

♦ What postsecondary education institutions and degrees are available to students.

♦ How individual skills and interests can be parlayed into successful careers.

♦ How postsecondary education opens the door to job opportunities and future  success.

♦ How understanding their individual learning style can help students maximize their academic potential.

♦ What steps students need to take in middle and high school to be prepared for college, including which classes and college entrance exams to take.

♦ A brief introduction to financial aid.

♦ An opportunity to meet working professionals and hear about their academic and career experiences.

♦ The chance to visit a college campus and meet students, faculty, and staff.