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Our SuperSTAR – Miss Erin Byrne 

May 11, 2011
Project GRAD Akron is very excited to share our story showcasing our SuperSTAR volunteer, Miss Erin Byrne. Miss Byrne has volunteered with Project GRAD Akron (PGA) for just... Read More

Children Enjoy Project GRAD Akron’s 6th Annual Snacks and Educational Fun with Santa Event 

December 04, 2010
On Saturday, December 4, 2010, Project GRAD Akron hosted its 6th Annual Snacks and Educational Fun with Santa for preschool and elementary students. Approximately two hundred... Read More

Scholarship Awards and Student Recognition Program 

May 27, 2010
On May 27, 2010, Project GRAD Akron held its 5th Annual Scholarship Awards and Student Recognition Program. The event was held at The House of the Lord in Akron, Ohio. More... Read More
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“It is a pleasure working with Project GRAD Akron and AT&T is committed to Project GRAD’s mission. Your mission coincides with the philanthropic goals of the AT&T Foundation. We, too, want to increase the graduation rates of *****

Margaret Williams
Director of External Affairs, AT&T

“All the kids that I’ve run into at Buchtel High School that are a part of Project GRAD Akron have been really sharp.”

Dr. Rich Londraville
Associate Professor of Biology, UA

“I think we should put Project GRAD in more schools.”


“I think the community views it as a good thing because my mom made me come to Buchtel basically because of Project GRAD.”


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